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Revenue & Disaster Management Department is mainly a three tier system,with the Revenue Department at the hub, and the Board of Revenue being the main player in controlling almost all the matter relating to collection of revenue and disposal of revenue cases. The Board of Revenue is headed by the Member, Board of Revenue. There are three ,Revenue Divisional Commissioners for Northern , Southern and Central Division and are placed at Sambalpur, Berhampur and Cuttack respectively.

The head of the revenue administration in the district is the Collector(District Magistrate ) and is the main officer in charge of land related matters and maintenance of law and order problem

Maintenance of Law & Order is another important aspect of district administration and the Collector also being the District Magistrate is responsible for maintenance of the same. The Additional District Magistrate’s , Sub Divisional Magirate’s and Executive Magistrate’s aid the District Magistrate. The Tehsildar of Tehsils also function as Exective Magistrates and are responsible for maintenance of Law & Order in their respective Tehsils.

The Tehsildar is in charge of the tehsils for revenue work including revenue court work, to collect revenue punctually , to poin out promptly to the collector any failure of crops or seasonal calamity which renders suspension or remission necessary and to carry out within his own sphere other dues connected with land revenue administration.

The Revenue and Disaster Management Department is the custodian of all lands and is concerned with all land related works , such as

  • Assesment and Collection of land revenue , recovery of land arrears and other loans of various departments by certificate cases.
  • Declaration of ceiling surplus land and distribution of the same among the landless poor.
  • Conduct of Revenue Courts.
  • Acquisition of Govt. land for various developmental activities.
  • Issue of various miscellaneous certificates.
  • Assessment of market value of instruments undervalued by the executants, collection of deflict stamp duty as per the market value.